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April 2nd Free Owner Workshop at Wildwynn Stables Youngsville NC

April 2nd 3rd - Horse and Rider workshop at Wildwynn Stables Youngsville NC




Monthly Horsemanship workshop coming this year to Wildwynn Stables. Check back for dates and time.



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We are in the process of developing new offerings, so comeback and check us out.


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Collective Horsemanship has relocated to the Siler City area of Chatham county North Carolina. We underway on developing our new locations. We are currently offering off site riding lessons and onsite training through our application of gentle horsemanship practices. 


We at Collective Horsemanship are dedicated to the well being and safety of both student and horse.  Founder Michael Benner is the lead educator of both rider and horse, and has built Collective Horsemanship with the horse in mind by offering the best education to the student in becoming a proficient Horseman or Horsewoman which will empower them to shine in any discipline.


Our gentle horse training methods offer a firm foundation for the new colt, restarting an experience horse, and even rehabilitate those horses that gain their notorious reputations as; hopeless, rouge, out of control, a problem horse, etc. As our success spreads the phone calls are coming in from people along the eastern states needing our help to establish their leadership with their equine partners. Whether it is at our facility, yours, or one our affiliate locations we can create that true partnership between human and equine. 


Our lessons program is not only geared to acquiring skills to be an expert rider, it is also conveys the knowledge in becoming a qualified horseman/horsewoman.  During your studies with us you will have the chance to touch base in all areas from stewardship, riding, groundwork and driving of the horse. 


Our services can also be acquired in Youngsville NC at our affiliate location, Wildwynn Stables.  Where we are currently offering a once month group Horsemanship lesson.


We will are always open to coming to your private farm, and boarding stable with owner approval to conduct private or group lessons.