Whether you here for the full horsemanship program or a tuner up

We can HELP you achieve your goal through our brand of natural horsemanship

About our Program

Collective Horsemanship is the culmination of 20 plus years of networking with other professionals, education, and application by it’s founder Michael Benner. The heart and approach of the Collective Horsemanship is rooted within the frame work of the “Natural Horsemanship” system.


This style of  horsemanship, Collective Horsemanship,  is not only based on the principles found with in the “Natural Horsemanship” system, it adds the discipline and balance found with his studies of the Martial Arts.  He has already spent several years on the path to one day becoming considerable Master Horseman.


We offer these opportunities here at our home location to study our style of Natural Horsemanship program, as well as we travel to our one our affiliate locations, Wildwynn Stables, in Youngsville North Carolina several times a year.  We will also come to your private farm, and boarding stable with owner approval to conduct private or group lessons. 


Collective Horsemanship for the Student

Whether your needs are long term or short term, Collective Horsemanship can help you achieve higher levels in all riding disciplines from beginner to advance, as well as assist you in finding that balance we all seek in our partnership with our horses. Our program consist of developing a centered riding set, safe horse handling, traveling with a horse, trail riding, and stewardship to list a few.  Students that go through our program will have a well rounded education. 


Horsemanship may be studied for various reasons including personal growth, improving riding skills, fitness, sport, mental discipline, character development and building self-confidence, or any combination of the above.  There is a great diversity and abundance of natural horsemanship techniques but, broadly speaking, all natural horsemanship styles share a common goal: to develop not only the horse’s mind, but the mind of the student.  Collective Horsemanship’s founder believes firmly the leadership between equine and human can only be solidified through first educating the student.  It’s only through the well establish leadership and encouraging willingness from the horse will the student be able to excel in any riding discipline.


Our style of horsemanship is not only based from the principles found within the “Natural Horsemanship” system, it adds the self-discipline and balance found within the founder’s other passion of the martial arts. Using his knowledge of belt testing, he has developed a foundation of testing or evaluation typically not found in the other programs. It is through these evaluations that the practitioners can track their progression of their skills and not relay on ribbons or show scores.  Students within our system will often undergo periodic testing and grading by our lead instructor order to advance to a higher level of recognized achievement. Allow Michael Benner through the principles found in Collective Horsemanship to help you reach your goals.